Anariel Design features Soliloquy Slider

Available now with all our premium themes

Slider Presentation – Soliloquy

Soliloquy - The Best Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin. Period.

Slider Info

Soliloquy slider is second to none in sliders world and we are very proud to be able to include it in all our WordPress themes. It is very powerful and filled with amazing features, but than again, most importantly very easy to use. Ease of use and smooth user experience are the two most sacred things here at Anariel Design and this slider fits this goal perfectly.

Although this slider will be included in our themes we encourage you to purchase the license. This way you`ll be able to get support directly from the developer. You can purchase the license here.

Default Slider

Default slider has a lot of options included, some of them are slider transitions, size option, slider skins, speed, duration, touch swipe support, control navigation, keyboard navigation and a lot more…

Featured Content Slider – post slider

Soliloquy Featured Content – Addon

Create impressive featured content sliders with the Soliloquy Featured Content – Addon. Use powerful query and content tools to build the most advanced featured content sliders on the web.

Carousel Slider

Turn your default slider into a fully responsive carousel with the Soliloquy Carousel – Addon.

Video Slider

Video links can be imported from either YouTube or Vimeo.